Show Your Voice!

It’s time for the annual Reflections contest. Entries are due by Oct. 14 in the FVHS front office. This year’s theme is: Show Your Voice! So, be sure to enter your art, photography, literature, film, dance and music composition in this PTSA competition.

Information about CA PTA Reflections:

Link to Entry Form:

2020-21 Student Achievement Awards Winners


Kate Flores Gomez
Kayla Knoob


Anjali Patel

Consumer & Family Studies

Heidi Romero


Kaylie Tran
Kody Esguerra
Chloe Cheng
Katie Do
Makenna Barlow
Gianluca Falcone
Hoang T. Nguyen
Hao Quach
Mariam Iskandar
Mira Ezzat
Arisa (Sarah) Jang
Van Le
Patil Tutunjian
Caitlyn (Cait) Nguyen
Devin La Clair 
Tim Grack 
Abigail Castro 
Ethan Huynh 
Desiree Shill
Andrew Shehata
Megan Mastin
Rachel Ludlow
Sophia Henry
Yusra Ahmed


Leyna Truong
Abed Tumih
Lana Zaide
Brayden Grant
Sophia (Sophie), Henry
Lucy Dowdy
Faith Pham
Mariana Swete
Mina Lai
Kate Flores Gomez


Chloe Steele
Danny Lotz

Performing Arts

Derek Serna
Jeremy Keller
Mercedes Bracey
Nathan Ziebarth
Robbie Macey


Hailey DeMaria
Jimmy Nguyen
Katherine Crosby
Ariana Rathan 
Lin Acunia
Anthony Mercado
Gavin Rose 
Kelsey Hoang 

Social Studies/History

Grace Drescher
Rhegan Crosby
Reese Holloway
Eric Stiffler
Jacob Baker

Visual Arts

Marissa Harper
Alexis (AJ) Mendoza
Chloey Bryant

World Language

Bryant Johnson
Elea Vander Burgh
Gavin Yager
Chloe Cheng
Arsany Todary 
Gavin Wang
Alvin Nguyen
Brooke Bonny